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Halo Wars 2 Serina DLC Information Revealed

Posted by on in Halo Community
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Halo Wars 2 Serina DLC Information Revealed

Serina, a much loved character from the first Halo Wars game, is back. Sadly not for the story, but for the fun multiplayer modes. Here's a little background information on Serina straight from 343 Industries:

“Serina was activated on January 7, 2530, by Daedalia Technology, a Martian firm well-known for the seeding and development of artificial intelligences for military and corporate markets. Serina was their greatest work of that era, an omni-capable second-generation “Smart AI” that displayed both impressive intellectual capacity and remarkable computational efficiency. Her assignment to the UNSC Spirit of Fire was fortuitous, despite a somewhat rocky period of acclimation to the ship’s unorthodox crew.

Under the orders of Captain James Cutter, Serina administered the deployment of forces on Harvest’s surface, and successfully managed later campaigns on both Arcadia and the enigmatic Forerunner facility known as Shield 0459. Unfortunately, the life of a smart AI is limited and their constructed minds cannot be slowed or stopped. While the Spirit of Fire drifted in the void after their victory over the Covenant at Shield 0459, Serina imagined, planned, and built for a future she would never see.“


Rightio, after that little update, lets get right into some of the new DLC Serina brings with her. All the below information is quoted directly from the announcement today.

New Units



“The ZAV-48 Frostraven is a conjectural design that pairs research work Serina conducted on weaponized vacuum energy cryotech with a modified EV-44 airframe. As Isabel continues to review and integrate the knowledge left behind by Serina it is possible that she will take this design from theory to prototype, but it is not without some irony that Anders has now focused her full attention on unravelling the secrets of the Forerunners rather than continuing this line of research and development.”

Tundra Bison


“Bisons are versatile, light armoured vehicles that served in most ground-side combat elements of the old Colonial Military Authority (CMA) in a number of roles, including armoured personnel carrier and recovery vehicle. It remains in service with several UNSC Army units and local militias (such as the Sedran Colonial Guard). The variant designed by Serina uses the proven chassis as a testbed which holds a vacuum energy siphon, scientific instrumentation, and cryotech weaponry in one mobile package.

As there are no Bisons aboard the Spirit of Fire at present, Isabel has looked at improving and repurposing the siphon with her own research data on Forerunner vacuum energy cells, but the delicacy and intricacy of Serina’s manufacturing template complicates this effort.”

Cryo Trooper


“Hellbringers are qualified to maintain, operate, and deploy a number of specialist weapon systems in the UNSC arsenal. This includes a range of incendiary, thermobaric, energetic, chemical, and biological weapons that most UNSC personnel are not even aware of. Serina reasoned their hazardous material qualifications and daredevil reputation made them well-suited for field testing experimental cryotech weaponry.


Who better to strap on experimental and unstable power cells that tap strange energies than Marines who routinely wear volatile chemical packs into battle? She was probably right if the spirited discussion about her cryotech weapon templates among the Spirit of Fire’s Marines is any indication.”


Well I don't know about everyone else but I'm super excited to see this amazing character return to the series, and I look forward to using the new units that come along with her in the upcoming DLC Leader pack.


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(All info and images taken from Halo Waypoint)

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  • Stanleyrichard
    Stanleyrichard Saturday, 07 October 2017

    he penultimate payload of Halo Wars 2 Season skip content material has arrived, featuring ... each Serina and the Operation: SPREARBREAKER tale missions. Essay Help Online
    The Serina chief DLC and Operation Spearbreaker DLC are anticipated to.

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