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Shadow of War Gameplay Reveal

Posted by on in News
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Shadow of War Gameplay Reveal

Today we are treated to the first gameplay reveal of Shadow of War the sequel to the award winning Shadow of Mordor. With last weeks rumors being confirmed and the arrival of a cinematic teaser trailer, today we get to see the new gameplay as well as answer some questions on what to expect. 

Quite a hefty trailer but a fantastic showcase of content. It look like Talion and Celebrimbor have retained a lot of the abilites from the first game which is refreshing to see in a sequel. No re-learning of skills from a new skill tree. However their looks to be a host of new abilities such as using wraith mode to climb, double assassinations and multiple executions. Not to mention going full wraith mode and flying about killing everything.

Then there is the fortress and lands to take. I'm guessing we are loosing the open world maps like we had in the first. And instead getting these battlefields with possible smaller areas of free roam to carry out side quests. It looks like the nemesis system is the core focus of the game this time round. With Talion able to forge alliances and friendships with units, not to mention the possibility of betrayals. The variety of dialogue and character of orcs looks to be improved too which looks fantastic. 

There's also the return of mounted combat, but it looks to use a new elven wraith spear but can we just take a minute to appreciate the drake. Mother of god we get to ride a mini-dragon. The fortress attacks look amazing, but considering the gameplay trailer showed the capture in under 15 minutes I hope we see more variety and range of difficulty. I would like to participate in a gritty hour long struggle to take the keep. I also hope that its not a sequential capture and move on and that there will be other objectives throughout the game. 

The RPG side has also been buffed with the adding of customization. It's also referenced that you can train, equip and edit troops in captured fortresses so I will look forward to those details being revealed. 

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