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Subnautica Update 3 for 1

Posted by on in News
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Subnautica Update 3 for 1

Subnautica is about to finally hatch and swim free into the open sea. Today 7th September 2017 marks a big step forward for the team at Unknown Worlds. Xbox One has seen not just one but three updates to bring it in line with the PC version of the game. 

For a complete list of what each update contained please click on the Update titles to be directed to each of the Subnautica update pages.

So what do the three updates contain? Lets go over them.

The first is Silent Running

This is the biggest overhaul to the Cyclops yet. The Cyclops is the largest of the vehicles in the game allowing you a movable base of operations. Perfect for long days away from home.... The new silent running mode changes the interior lights to red, causes the Cyclops to move extremely slowly causing next to no noise as well as turning off the exterior lights to make you less visible to the creature who now, thanks to the update, want to sink your sub. 

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