Dark Souls 3 DLC The Ringed City Launch Trailer
Michael Saiger 26 March 2017
March 28th will see the release of The Ringed City, the second DLC of Dark Souls 3. The launch trailer features stunning new vistas similar to Anor Londo, intimidating enemies and host of new weapons....
LEGO Worlds Review
Michael Saiger 26 March 2017
I am a massive fan of LEGO. Since playing with them as a child, creating my very own kingdom, weaving my own stories, the history of LEGO has a large affect on many individuals. I remember when the fi...
Troll and I - Launch Trailer
Calum Petrie 24 March 2017
The couch co-op multiplayer is a dying breed of game, sadly AAA titles like Halo decided to keep it out of the series last iteration. The market now has a chance to emerge with brilliant ideas that bi...
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3
Jacob Watters 23 March 2017
The Three month wait is finally almost over, despite the episode leaking on Xbox One earlier this week, Telltale have released a rather exciting and intriguing Trailer for the next episode in the poin...
Games With Gold: April 2017
Calum Petrie 23 March 2017
Xbox Live Gold subscribers wait excitedly every month to find out what the free game line of for the following month shall be, April 2017 looks to be a pretty damn good month if you ask me. Games with...
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Variety Map Pack Trailer
Calum Petrie 22 March 2017
The latest batch of maps are being released for the 2007 title Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, yes you read that right. Not only did you have to buy the game you didn't want to get Modern Warfare, you...
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - Review
Rob Lake 22 March 2017
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 brings a sizeable roster of the most recognisable characters from both iconic franchises into a 3 vs 3 battle to save the universe from the hunger of Galactus! Before I go...
Deals With Gold: 21/03 - 27/03
Calum Petrie 21 March 2017
A new batch of weekly deals are now live on Xbox, these deals are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscribers and offer deals on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The deals went live this morning on Major...
Mass Effect Andromeda Available On EA access
Jacob Watters 18 March 2017
If you’re like me, a Mass Effect fan and a EA Access customer, then you were no doubt excited as I was when it was announced that EA Access subscribers would be getting a 10 hour free trial of Mass...
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - Brothers Trailer
Rob Lake 17 March 2017
Today CI Games have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The trailer shows the relationship between the players character and their brother leading up to the games ev...
The Surge - Stronger, Better, Faster CGI trailer
Michael Saiger 17 March 2017
I've been posting and following Focus Home Interactive and Deck13's The Surge for a while now. The first E3 impressions, if I remember rightly, showed a world and combat inspired by mechanics of Dark...
Mass Effect Andromeda items come to Rock Band 4
Rob Lake 16 March 2017
With the anticipated release of Mass Effect Andromeda this week Harmonix has added some Mass Effect items to the Rock Band in game store. The items are a suit that turns the players rock star into one...
Disney Afternoon Collection - Anouncement
Rob Lake 16 March 2017
Capcom are appeasing to our inner child with the release of the Disney Afternoon Collection (should be called Moring in the UK :D). This collection of games features restored versions of some of Disne...
Overwatch: Orisa release date confirmed
Rob Lake 16 March 2017
Those of you eagerly awaiting the launch of Blizzard's next character for
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